Do join us for a half-day or longer hike either in Central Finland or in Lapland!  The hikes are available in English, Finnish, Swedish or German.

Short hikes taking a few hours or half a day are available at Pihtipudas, Central Finland. We can also hike 7 thru 60 kms e.g. along the longest hiking trail in Southern and Central Finland, i.e. Peuran Polku (Forest Reindeer’s Trail) which is more than 130 kms long.   We can also drive to Lapland and begin our hikes at Kiilopää or Saariselkä in North-Eastern Lapland.

At Pihtipudas you can choose e.g. a 2,5-kilometre/1,5 mile hike with a chance of enjoying a campfire which will take a couple of hours.

Prices:  € 12 per hour in Finnish, English, Swedish or German plus expenses (car expenses only 30c per km).  If you are e.g. a group of four people, the price for each is only € 3 per hour!

Pentti Ruotsalainen on käynyt yhden lukuvuoden pituisen retkiopaskurssin ja täydentänyt osaamistaan omilla vaelluksillaan.

Kuva: Riitta Avikainen

Runsaan kilon painoisen lohen puolikkaasta saa loimulohta 2-3 herkuttelijalle.

Kuva: Olli Lähdesmäki

A wilderness hike taking 3 through 5 hours is available, starting from lake Yölampi in north-western Pihtipudas.  During this hike we can look at a huge sacred stone which shows an inscrutable 3-metre high human or godly face created by Nature and have campfire coffee with sandwiches and delicious sausages.

Do join us and hike with us either in Central Finland or in Lapland!

Yhteystiedot/Contact information

Pentti Ruotsalainen

Kaartotie Road 1

FI-44800 Pihtipudas

gsm +358 50 362 32 71